HSC study notes:- Egypt from Amenhotep III to the death of Ramesses II

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Pharaoh Date (BC) Highlights of the reign

Amenhotep IIINebmaatre 1387-49 · Egypt's economy booms, wealth coming from international trade and gold-mining· Reign characterised by a burst of magnificent building projects and artistic achievement· The Great Royal Wife Tiye, daughter if Yuya and Thuya plays a prominent role in reign· Diplomacy and marriage feature in foreign policy. Only one campaign to Nubia reported

Akhenaten(Amenhotep IV)Neferkheperure Wa'enre 1349-33 · The cult of Aten the Sun disc, established as the state religion, replacing that of Amun of Thebes· The state capital moved to Akentaten, where a new city is built· The Great Royal Wife Nefertiti seems to wield unprecedented power as queen, and possible co-regent· All forms of art characterised by a revolutionary new style

SmenkhkareAnkhkheperure 1335-33 · Everything about this pharaoh is subject to controversy: sex, identity, length of reign, spouse, tomb· Reign sees the beginning of the return to orthodoxy

TutankhamunNebkheperure 1333-24 · An interim reign featuring aspects of both Amarna and traditional religious and artistic forms · Egypt's political capital returns to Memphis; Thebes re-established as centre of the state cult of Amun· Extensive building work carried out at the temples at Karnak and Luxor

AyKheperkheperure 1324-21 · A brief reign that continues the re-establishment of traditional religious and secular practises

HoremhebDjeserkheperureSetepenre 1321-1295 · Consolidation of prior moves to re-establish traditional practises.·

Dismantling of Aten temples at East Karnak; desecration of the Amarna Royal Tomb and Ay's tomb possibly carried out at this time· Reorganisation of the state· Foundations laid for 19th Dynasty

Ramesses IMenpehtyre 1295-94 · A very brief reign that establishes the 19th Dynasty· Co-regency with son, Seti I

Seti IMenmaatre 1294-79 · Art, architecture and culture reach new heights, a return to 18th dynasty standards of excellence · Resurgence of aggressive military activity in...