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Daedalus is a man and God did not create men with the ability to fly. In the myth involving Daedalus and Icarus the men are blinded by their pride and the belief that they know the best way out of their predicament. They attempt to step outside of the boundaries of human limitation by relying on pride instead of the gods, thus finding destruction. At any time that I try to do it "on my own", when I say, "I can handle it" I allow my pride to blind me from my human limitations. In an English class, if I do not follow the steps taught to write a paper and try to rely upon my own knowledge to do so, it is likely that the end result would be not up to standards. If I can accept the fact that I am a student and put my pride aside so I can learn, the paper will be written properly.

I spent the summer before last working on a ranch training horses, teaching lessons, and leading trail rides. I felt as though I knew all I needed to about riding and horses, I could out ride anyone. After a lesson one afternoon, I got into an argument with one of the barn hands. He turned out to be right and I was angry for being wrong. My pride was hurt. In an attempt to show that I still knew best, I jumped onto my saddle less horse and urged her into a dead run toward the trails, which were off limits to lone riders. My prideful belief that I knew best was soon proven wrong when I realized that I had lost control of my horse. As we rounded a sharp curve I was flung from her back into a...