Huck Finn Journal about what Huck might do after the end of the book.

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Huck Finn Diary

Aunt Sally wants to adopt and civilize me. Obviously I'm not going to just sit around and let that happen. I've been there before and I don't like it one bit. I may be a changed person than what I was when I escaped from Pap but that don't mean I want to go and get myself civilized. I learned myself a few things about people, life, and myself these past few months. I learned a lot from Jim especially during our trip. They may look different and sometimes act all crazy but I think the negroes aren't really too different from white folks. Like Jim said a French man is still a man, and I reckon a black man is still a man too. We may have different color skin but I don't think that having black skin makes someone not a person. Jim cared for his family like white folks do and could be kinder and gentler than some white folks.

Now I think about it Jim treated me mighty good always taking my watch and letting me sleep and petting me and calling me honey. I also learned I can get along pretty good on my own. I managed pretty good talking myself out of trouble without the help of anyone like Tom Sawyer, and I reckon I'm not as bad as I think I am and I may yet avoid hell. Besides doing a low down thing like helping a slave escape I did some right. Like helping Mary Jane get her money back from those low down thieves the king and duke, and I reckon I'm beginning to recognize right from wrong now. But that don't mean I'm a going to stay here and settle down quite yet. I might be...