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Huckleberry Finn has been criticized as a very controversial book, and has received a lot of criticism because of the topic of racism, but I believe that the apparent issue of racism presented in this book is very important to teach. The use of the derogatory term, “nigger” contributes to a harsh realism; one that is truly apparent in the time period of the novel, and even today. People have dismissed Huckleberry Finn as vulgar or racist because it uses the word "nigger," however, the continued use of this word, such as to describe the character Jim, “Miss Watson’s nigger, Jim” (17) is insignificant due to the novel's historical plot. The use of this word explores the deeper theme of anti-slavery and the racial controversies that continue to surround it to this present day. According to NAACP, the continued use of the n word is damaging to the African American society.

However, I believe that the situation is quite on the contrary.

The author of “Teaching Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” states a very true and realistic point; this book allows for the reader to face the emotional and horrible side of the very issue that is still apparent in today's society; racism. Therefore, I believe that this novel is a crucial part of American literature; as it accomplishes the hard task of making the reader face a problem that needs to be fixed, even though it may be the subject of high controversy.