Huckleberry finn: I Discover Moses and the Bullrushes

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The novel opens with Huck introducing himself and his friend Tom Sawyer. They have discovered the treasure hidden by the robbers in the cave, which earns them a reward of six thousand dollars each. Judge Thatcher invests the money in a trust that earns them one dollar a day.

Huck is living in Widow Douglas' care, and she treats him as her own son. She tries to "civilize" him by buying him proper clothes, feeding him regular meals, and making him listen to stories from the Bible. Huck is uncomfortable living with her, for everything is "regular." He feels restless and stifled and longs for his previous freedom. When he cannot stand it anymore, he runs away. He is found by Tom and brought back to the widow. She fusses over him and dresses him in his new clothes again. Huck can do little but bear with her. He longs to smoke, but the widow admonishes him, saying that it isn't "clean" and that he should not do it anymore.

This angers him, for he sees the widow taking snuff herself.

The widow's sister, Miss Watson, is also living with her. She is a nagging and unpleasant woman who helps in the effort to "civilize" Huck. She tells him about the "bad place" (hell) and warns him he will wind up there if he does not behave. Huck says he wishes that he were there so he could be away from all the routine. This angers Miss Watson, but Huck pacifies her by saying that he just wants to go somewhere for a change, even if it is hell. He sees no great advantage in going to a "good place," especially if Miss Watson is going to be there to continue picking at his faults.

Huck goes to his...