Huffman Coding Sychronized Multimedia Integration Language

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EIE 380 Web-based Multimedia SMIL Mini-Project Report



EIE380 Web-Based Multimedia

SMIL Mini-Project

Project Report

Date: 19th April, 2010


Nowadays, lecturers often use Powerpoint or a blackboard when teaching in a classroom. However, Powerpoint and blackboards are difficult to describe multimedia presentations. To describe multimedia presentations, Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) could be used.

SMIL is a W3C recommended XML markup language for describing multimedia presentations. It can be used for timing and controlling streaming media clips. Media items like text, image, video and audio files can be included in SMIL. In this mini-project, SMIL would be used to create a presentation for Huffman Coding.


The objectives of this project are to generate a simple multimedia slide show using SMIL and to present one conceptual idea for the course materials of EIE380.

About the Project

This project generates a simple multimedia slide show using SMIL to teach the basic concepts of Huffman Coding.

In the beginning, it gives a brief introduction in Huffman Coding. Then, the Huffman Algorithm is described. A Huffman Coding example will then be given in gif file to illustrate how to pick two nodes having the lowest probabilities and then create a parent node for them. The parent node is then assigned the sum of the children's probabilities. After that, a gif file will be given to illustrate to users how to encode the system. Users can then choose a symbol to see the codeword assigned to the corresponding symbol. After seeing the codeword, users can learn the prefix property of Huffman coding. They can click on a symbol and see that a shorter codeword will never form the start of a longer codeword. Next, a gif file will be given to demonstrate the...