Huffman Trucking - Fleet Truck Maintenance Proposal

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The central maintenance facility for Huffman Trucking is presently sited in Cleveland, Ohio and at the moment has facility locations in California, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Bayonne, Missouri, and New Jersey. To successfully supervise their production, it is highly critical that Huffman Trucking will be capable of allocating information rather quickly regarding the vehicles maintenance and preservation in relation with each of its hubs, this should also include a parts inventory and vendor data sheets. Huffman Trucking executive management staff requests a fair resolution with the purpose that would permit the different hubs to share the important information between their various locations. Smith Consulting developed entities and attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance but did not develop the database. In an effort to better document our applications, Entity-Relationship Diagrams are also needed. The expected results should convey and deliver the creation of Entity-Relationship Diagrams for Fleet Truck Maintenance. Smith Consulting was actually engaged to distribute an ERD and feature a fair proposal to Huffman Trucking that outlines a well rounded database solution within the HUBS different locations.

The main intention is to convey the projected database to life and put into service a shared database across the line to Huffman's other various locations upon request.

Project OverviewHuffman Trucking desires to advance and make certain that maintenance is performed and tracked for the entire fleet of trucks across all of the companies other locations.

Additionally, the project will minimize down time for vehicles in their fleet by ensuring parts are on hand to perform the maintenance. Having these needs met with minimize potential revenue lost due to unavailable vehicles. The goal of the project is to create the entity relationship diagrams that will support the creation of a shared database that can be accessed by all of Huffman Trucking various locations. The...