Human and Environment

Essay by runescape October 2006

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Most people live on earth without realizing the importance of the environment recourses, they are so essential for the life of all living organisms from prokaryotic cells to creatures with different complicated systems like human beings. The environment is the place where these livings organism can find their essential needs.

There are three types of pollutions: air, water pollution and soil contamination, all of them are resulted by human activities. The air pollution is the presence of all kinds of pollutants in the air that we breath, such as dust, fumes, gas, mist, odor, smoke, or vapor. There are Varity of sources that causes air pollution that can form from power plants, incinerators, industrial operations, motor vehicles. All these sources affects all the living organisms. In human it can cause lunch censer, pulmonary diseases and other health disease. The second type is water pollution, many people think that water pollution is not important because we are no living in water, however it can poison the food that we eat from the sea.

Water can be contaminated by materials such as sewage effluent, chemicals, detergents, and fertilizer runoff. This materials can causes lots of dieses, such as cardiovascular disease and nervous disorders. The third type of pollution is soil contamination, this type of pollution is comes from the modern technology in this time, such as the wastes of plants and the underground storage tanks. This type of pollution may have effects on human, this affects depend on what type of pollutants this means that there are various types of wastes from the factories.

Nature is created to serve human kind, therefore we are supposed to use it's recourses prudently. Environment is important for all living creatures, unfortunately some people are misusing it. I would like to suggest every person...