Human or Beast? Which do you prefer?

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Human or beast, which do you prefer?

As humans, we are born with conscience and rationality, which allows us to accomplish extraordinary good, but also extraordinary evil. On one hand, we have Doctors Without Borders. On the other hand, we have the Manhattan Project, and all its terrible manifestations and policy implications that will haunt us to the end of time. We can feel extreme elation but also extreme pain, and even a confusing mixture of both in love. This brings another question, animals can feel this pain and happiness too, so does it make us bestial because we hunt and kill for our food as well?

As beasts, we would lack both conscience and rationality, and only the concern of kill or be killed would constantly weigh on our minds. From superficial constructs designed seemingly for no other purpose than to stress our lives, such as grades and taxes, to more profound troubles, such as moral dilemmas and the reason we exist, all these things would not once enter the roving beast as he searches for food, shelter, and his young, and no other thing.

We lose out on the good, but we lose out on the evil as well.

As humans we often think that because a beast may be protecting itself by growling at us in their own self-defense, they must be killed. Because we feel they are a threat to us, we start aiming our guns and knives at them. Animals can suffer and feel pain too so before you pounce on "human" as your answer, think for a second: which state of mind were Adam and Eve closer to in the Garden? And isn't the garden supposed to be the ultimate place to which we should strive to return?

I believe that everyone is...