Human Behaviour

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ACTIVITY ONE: OBSERVING HUMAN BEHAVIOUR In the experiment, "Observing human behaviour," I will observe what human tendencies are involved in a relationship. I decided to watch a sixteen-year-old couple in the school cafeteria at lunchtime. The nature of their relationship seemed to be for pleasure and companionship. They appeared to be a trendy couple, who were up to date in all the latest fashions. The female partner wore a pair of hipster jeans and a white singlet, which showed a hint of her stomach. The male wore a pair of iridescent blue board shorts that fell off his waist, with a very colour co-ordinated blue and yellow t-shirt to match.

When I first spotted the couple, the male was greeted by his girlfriend by her cute and harmless punches towards his stomach. The male then moved to an open stance with his hand placed on his hips. The female was slowly swaying her hips and occasionally running her fingers through her long silky hair.

His eyes were wide open with interest, as he was listening to every word she had to say. He then quietly whispered something into her ear then she smiled and giggled to herself as if what he said contained some kind of humour. They then retired to a seat and she sat on his lap and placed her arm around his shoulder slowly stroking the back of his neck. He delicately ran his fingertips up and down her forearm causing her to giggle and smile as they then engaged in a soft and passionate kiss on the lips.

Obviously this couple were very close and had been together for a long time. They both appeared very happy to be in each other's company. They respected one another and although there was a generous amount of body...