Human Cloning

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HUMAN CLONING Imagine scientists making babies from an unnatural way, instead of the natural way, from the intercourse of a male and a female. Also, imagine having your baby after a couple of weeks instead of the normal and spectacular feeling way, which takes nine months. Which way would you pick? Would you take the faster and easier way or the more natural and gifted way? Cloning, by definition in the Encyclopedia, is making a copy of something: to produce an exact or near copy of an object, product or specie. In my opinion cloning humans should not be legalized because it is religiously and morally wrong to do so. Also, because the government or the people will be wasting their money on a project that will or will not work. Also, because human cloning can cause health problems for the baby that was created through cloning.

Human cloning is religiously wrong.

People from different religions believe that God or other superiors in their religion have created mankind. By cloning humans it will create a lot of controversies for some peoples beliefs in their religion. For example, picture this: a religious person has been taught all his life that it has been God who created the first humans and God is the only one who has the power to do so, then the next day, that same religious person reads in the newspaper in bold print that humans can clone real humans. Now what should this religious person has to believe in? He or she was told that God can only create humans, but now they tell him, humans can create humans. This religious person is not going to have the same life he was having before he or she got the stunning news. He or she will feel like...