Human Cloning

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Human Cloning: BAD

Human Cloning

Modern science has gone beyond the boundaries of ethics and Catholicism to the

point where they are trying to take over the role of God and create a human life

without yield. Anyone who thinks that they can take the role of God and create

another life has no respect for the morals and ethics this country was born on.

Technology should not have to prove its power by being the first to create a

human life for fun. By going through with this procedure, scientists are

raising dangers as well as severe consequences. No one knows what this

"semi-human" may bring to out society. Human cloning is not something that

should be employed in our culture today or any other day. This method is wrong

and anyone that believes in Catholicism or even God for that matter would agree.

The American people, and the world, are not ready and never will be for this

kind of technology.

This method will raise so much controversy over the morals

that arise, that we will have no other choice but to abort this method or


Human cloning is a procedure in where a cell is taken from one person and

combined with an egg from a donor woman. Once they are both taken, they are

combined, fertilized, and then placed back into the uterus for incubation. By

taking this cell from another person, you are giving the child-to-be an exact

replica of the subjects DNA. Everyone knows that each persons DNA is different.

This procedure would totally redefine everything technology has worked on for

the past one hundred years. Not only is this against a Catholics moral by

taking the egg out of a woman and fertilizing it in a petri dish, it against...