Human Cloning

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Human Cloning

The question of whether humans should be cloned or not has been around for a while now. There are two sides to the story. One side states that cloning will be good for humankind and will allow us to control how and when our offspring will be born. The other side states that cloning will make it easier for totalitarian forces to use it adversely. Both sides are correct in some aspects but there are still a few major differences that prove which idea is better. First, Lee E. Silver is for cloning. He believes that it can enhance today's living and will help with scientific enhancements further in the future. However, the National Bioethics Advisory Commission is against the thoughts of cloning humans because of the risk of it getting into the wrong hand and the fact that the clone will have no real say in the decision.

With these two main points in mind, lets see what said actually proves a legitimate point. Silver writes, "She, or he, will simply be a later-born identical twin- nothing more nothing less". (Rottenberg 223) This is a valid point that is made. Although the actual tests have not been attempted, the theory is that the clone will be the exact same person as the original. The difference is that the attitudes and feeling will not be the same at all. No one can tell how this clone will act throughout his or her life or what his or her actions will be. As the Advisory commission states, " And, as in any new and experimental clinical procedure, harms cannot be accurately determined until trials are conducted in humans". (227) The fact that something can go wrong with the cloning of a human is a good reason why it should...