Human Cloning

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Human Cloning

Human cloning is an experiment that has now been in the public eye for quite some time now. Clinging is created from a single cell without sexual reproduction. Research has been going on longer than most expect and is becoming very popular with scientist today. Both plants and animals have already been successfully cloned. The next step was to clone actual human beings, but before experiments could have been carried out, pressure started to build on the scientists because people started to doubt if cloning was ethically and morally correct. Governments began to introduce bans and constraints on cloning, as they felt cloning was not correct. Human cloning could be very beneficial to humanity, could be used to improve people's appearances and is no more incorrect than the role doctor's play everyday.

A great benefit cloning can give is that it gives couple who cannot reproduce a chance to have children who are biologically related to them, whereas they otherwise could not.

This will help those who are at high risk for having a child with a genetic disease. Human cloning can be life saving as in a situation where a child is terminally ill and in need of a bone marrow transplant. Many times in a case like this, the parents of the sick child will decide to have another child in hopes that it will match the sick child. If the child were cloned, then there would be a perfect match available. It could also be used to increase the population of endangered species to save them from total extinction. This would help maintain a natural balance on the earth and have a continuous, natural life cycle.

Some people argue against a cloning because they think that it is a way of playing god. It is...