Human Cloning

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Human cloning has become a great issue over the past few years. But how exactly can you define human cloning? Specifically, it is the production of genetically identical organisms via somatic call nuclear transfer. You take an egg, remove its nucleus, which contains the DNA, then you fuse the egg with a cell from the human that you're copying. Then, with the help of electric current, you'll try to stimulate it to divide and become an embryo. You then take implant to it to surrogate mother.

It was February 1997, when Ian Wilmut was able to clone a lamb named Dolly. Now, renegade scientists are claiming that they can do the same thing to humans using the same procedure.

There are many questions that race my mind when it comes to human cloning. Let's take for instance a sterile couple, yes, cloning could help them, but the question was which one of them will be the one cloned? When a woman gives birth to her own clone, is that she a sister or a mother? What if it a cloned child grows to be a spitting image of her mother, how will it affect her relationship with her father? Your family can't get over the fact that your baby brother died.

Would get him cloned? Would cloning help people that need kidney and bone marrow transplants get a match? What if Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods decided that they want to clone themselves?! Or worse… how about a Britney clone?!?

Still, I'm fascinated with all the wonders it can do. I'm not just big fan of the idea of the fact that in cloning Dolly, 277 eggs were used, 30 started to divide, nine induced pregnancy, and only one survived to term. We have to admit that it...