The Human Comedy         In the book The Human Comedy the

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The Human Comedy In the book The Human Comedy the main character Homer goes through many things as a fourteen year old kid and has to deal with a lot, that even older people than him cannot deal with. Homer is from a family with a father who died when he was younger, an older brother that is in the war, an older sister, a mother, and younger brother who Homer had to take care of him. Homer was a messenger and he delivers death notices to people about their son dying in the war and it has a big effect on Homer maturing and realizing what life is all about. Homer matured very quickly having to get a job at fourteen and go to school, so he did not have time to be a kid anymore. Homer also had to be a man of the house by being a father figure to his brother.

Homer?s little brother Ulysses experiences a lot even thought he is a little kid. In this novel The Human Comedy, Homer grows up very quickly in a short time.

When Homer is the messenger during the war he is trapped by death and he tries to figure out what life is about even though he cannot figure it out. When Homer delivers death notices he is in many different situations and some of the things people do Homer does not understand and also he does not know what to do in that situation. For example when Homer went to deliver a telegram to a lady named Mrs. Sandoval telling her that her son Juan Domingo died in the war. The lady had Homer read the letter and after he read the part saying that her son was dead, she invited him in for candy. Homer thought that it seemed like the lady wanted to replace Homer with her son. Homer did not know what to do, he felt like getting up and leaving but he knew he could not. Then after he leaves and returns to the Telegraph office he stopped crying, but then all of the other things started to happen and he knew there would be no stopping him. Then he says,