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“How does the film, As Good as it Gets reflect and express ideas on the Human Condition?”The complexity of the human condition has been cleverly modified by the director of “As Good as it Gets”, James L. Brooks, into three prominent categories. Through the articulate choice of cast, meaningful storyline and the effective cinematography techniques, the audience is able to explore into the life, thoughts and emotions of each character.

Maternal love, one of the major themes in this romance comedy is explored and emphasised through a range of techniques. The love for Carol’s son is very evident and proven in the scene where Carol invites a male acquaintance into her apartment but disregards him when her son is feeling unwell. This resembles the selflessness of a mother towards her children, especially in times of need. Her selection of costumes, makeup and hair contributes very well to the typical motherly look.

This is characterised with the floral patterned loose dress she wears – a pregnant ladies’ outfit. The consistent laid-back hair tied into a bun and the minimal makeup gives Carol a natural, gentle gloss on her face, which completed with a smile, allows the audience to view her as a gracious mother. The love between the mother and son are not only shown in the acting and costumes but also through the use of music. When Carol takes her son to hospital, the fast and syncopated tempo of the music contributes to the sense of urgency and mirrors the emotions of her feelings. However, because of her overwhelming love towards her son, Carol neglects the love for a man. “I’m moving away from that direction, from where I remember what it feels like to have a man...” Carol utters these touching lines in tears so expressively...