Human Development and Growing Older

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Growing Older

Joseph Campbell said, "As a white candle in a holy place, so is the beauty of an aged face." Aging occurs throughout our journey in life. Plain and simply, we grow old. Similar to adolescence and middle age, obstacles must be faced. We ask ourselves, "Must growing old mean decline?" The answer is that some decline is expected, but the picture is much less depressing than we have been led to believe. To examine portrayals of the aging process and issues associated with aging, I watched and critiqued the movie "Grumpier Old Men."

"Grumpier Old Men" is the hit comedy sequel to

"Grumpy Old Men. " "Grumpier Old Men," features screen legends Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as longstanding best friends John and Max. The two grumps are neighbors in houses so close that when the blinds are up, they can eavesdrop on each other.

The movie focuses on the struggles and issues the men face with aging.

The plot of "Grumpier Old Men" picks up a short while after the first film left off with John happily and newly married to Ariel (Ann-Margret) and Max still grumpy and lonely without a partner. However, Marie Ragetti (Sophia Loren) is the new girl to town and has taken over Chuck's legendary bait store. Yet, she has all intentions of converting the fish dump into a romantic Italian restaurant. This idea does not settle well with John and Max and they go to any degree to keep their bait shop. A battle of wits and juvenile pranks breaks out as the two old men try to avert the restaurant from opening. John and Max begin a strategic campaign of innuendo, gossip and sabotage that spreads quickly through town.