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Theories on Life I sit here writing. The purpose of this writing is certainly unknown. Why have I been destined to sit and write at this precise moment? Quantum physics is a world of chance and probability and the things with slim likelihoods often happen. Such is the case in this strange world. Sometimes the future seems to know more about me, than I about it. But why? Albert Einstein said that one should never stop questioning, for the answers will lead one to the keys of the universe.

I believe that things happen for reasons and our whole lives are laid out in front of us, we just cannot see them. Our futures: predetermined, as simple as a novel. The human mindset has a desire to learn, we are always inquiring. What purpose the answers serve in our lives are hardly known, but we are still here looking for answers.

Indifference seems to be my feeling toward a lot of things. Does it really matter if I pull an A or a B in math class this semester? I could easily achieve the B, so why bother risking my time for the A? The little struggles we deal with in our everyday lives do not show how smart we are or how good we are; they are simply tests of our character. They are the tiniest spec of who we are and how we react in certain situations. Nothing more; nothing less.

El mundo es un pañuelo "“ The world is a hankercief, taken literally. What a small world we truly live in though. What are the chances of two people being at the exact same place in the exact same time in their 80 years of life? Obviously very good.

It seems as though all good things come to an end. Love, relationships, luck, skill; it all seems to have an end even when a starting point may not be clear. I think breaking up with someone after a really long term relationship is one of the hardest things people have to endure. It seems impossible to tell someone that you don't want to date them anymore without hurting their feelings. Staying together isn't helpful because it just makes you feel worse, but getting up the courage to hurt someone is tough because you know it's coming and you can do something about it.