The Human Factor Effecting Endangered Animals

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Endangering animals as a result of human actions is an important global environmental problem. Ever since man evolved into this world he has immediately began to make use of every natural resource available to him. This is still the case today; however, back then the consequences of using these resources was not thought of. Man just simply survived. Today man is still making use of every resource possible to the point in which it has not only put the environment in danger; it has also seriously threatened other major species of animals. Two of the most endangered animals today are tigers, and right whales.

TigersTigers are one of the biggest most beautiful cats that exist in the world today. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most endangered. "China has perhaps 60 wild tigers left, Russia has maybe 400, and India has seen its tiger population crash to about 2,500" (Moyle, 2007, ¶ 5).

The reasons tigers are in such short supply these days; is the fact that man has hunted them for sport and poaching since the early part of the century up to the present-day. Tiger parts can be extremely valuable in eastern countries for other reasons as well, for example; a large amount of tigers other body parts are use for medicinal, and even superstitious purposes.

Another reason the tiger population has dwindled because of human influence is the tiger's loss of natural habitat. Tigers used to live in a vast variety of different places; but because of humans the tigers natural habitats are in danger from smaller hunting grounds and even pollution. Today the tiger's main habitats are in "China, Southern Asia, and Russia's Far East; these are mostly isolated habitats, and tigers are greatly reduced in numbers" Hume,Kacsmarik,Laidlaw,Lutz,Singleton, K. R. (2009, ¶ 2).

Right WhalesRight...