Human faults and weaknesses are satirised through the TV shows 'CNNNN', 'Life Support' and the movie 'Wag the Dog'

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Satire aims to expose human faults and weaknesses through a variety of different techniques. Some of the general human faults that satire aims to reveal are, the fact that people watch anything on TV, no matter how ridiculous, pointless or useless it is. Another fault exposed is how people are extremely gullible and ignorant, that they will believe everything they see. Satire also reveals how the media doesn't care about the truth, how their priorities are to entertain viewers and achieve high ratings. These faults and weakness are shown through the three texts, the TV shows 'CNNNN', 'Life Support' and the very subtle movie 'Wag the Dog'. By employing a number of different techniques such as absurdity, exaggeration, burlesque and black humour to examine the human faults and weaknesses which satire aims to expose.

A downfall in many human beings is their inability to resist the strong urge to sit down in front of the television and watch hours on end of ridiculous and pointless program after program.

The TV show 'CNNNN' presents this point by parodying the American TV news program, 'CNN', by showing news stories which are extremely absurd and pointless, proving that most of the things the viewers watch on TV is totally irrelevant to them. Stories such as the Pickle Piper, about an aggressive man in an absurd costume of a giant slice of pickle with arms and legs and how he was the forth member of the Ronald McDonald gang and how he was cut of from the team. He then returns to a McDonald's restaurant and demands recognition, in so, making a scene and then is forced to leave. This showing that most news stories in televised news programs are ridiculous and irrelevant to everyday people. Also in a particular...