Human Genetics Rights

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The conception of a child should be with the most purest intention, an intention to care for a young, innocent human being, who has a destiny to fulfill in this world. The bearer of the child must have an intention to provide a loving and caring environment. But, with technology today, there are ways to genetically conceive a child to your exact specifications, for purposes other than to experience the joy of raising a child. Today, children are not just being conceived naturally in love, but are being conceived genetically as a personal organ bank. Instead of that child learning to embrace life, they spend most of their life in the dreary white halls of a hospital, recovering from their latest body donation. This is not how a child should be thought of, and that is why I am against genetically selecting a child's characteristics for the sole purpose of being a medical cure.

In our country, we have rights guaranteed to us through our Constitution. In this document, it states that we have a right to choose what we want to do with our life and pursuit a journey of happiness. These rights are guaranteed to us no matter what gender, sex, or age we are. But, if a child is genetically conceived just for the sole purpose of being a medical cure, it is almost as if you are taking this American's right to have a say of what to do with their life. Not only do I feel that this is unconstitutional, but it is unjust for a person to have their life boil down to only being a cure to help save someone's life.

Another reason I feel it is unjust to genetically conceive a child for the sole purpose of being a medical cure...