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7 going on 17-Marketing Madness

Deborah Swaney 7 year old daughter, has started a lot of parenting question in the Swaney family, when there 7 year old girl came home from her second grade class and asked if she could have a bra. Not because she has boobs but because "other girls in class have them". Why are young girls feeling as if the need to be sexy and alluring? Does it have to do with parenting or is it the Media who Is to blame? Are young girls simply not aware of the rights and wrongs of our society? According to the American Psychological association (APA) Media and parenting are both to blame.

Things are not how they use to be. Instead of having sleep over's and water balloon fights, young girls are going to Hannah Montanna concerts and buying colored lip glosses to wear on the first day of class.

Chair member of the APA group Eileen Zurbiggen say "the core issue is that the feel valued for". Who are leading are young girl into damnation? The media plays a big part on society. It started in the 80's when the media started to use young girl to promote products such as tampons.

Media plays the number one factor. Who are the role models these days? People like Jamie Lynn Spears (Brittany Spears little sister) who recently just had a child at age. She plays a 12 year old girl on a PG sitcom, but on the front page of 17 magazine she is holding her stomach 6 months pregagnt. How do you explain that to your 7 or 8 year old daughter. Most parents don't bother explaining which could be a good reason why teen pregnancy is high than ever before. Young girls are getting confused on...