The Human Hand

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Touch some would say touching is our most useful and valuable sense given to us by evolution. Touching is our primary sense we use to interact with our tangible environment. The organ most attributed to touch is or hands, have you ever wondered how it would feel to lose a hand or even a finger, the human hand is a complex array of nerves, muscles, and bones all of these features combine to give us our primary physical organ.

The fingers of our hands have are the most useful feature and the ones we use most. The first finger of the hand is the Index finger it is usually the most agile finger as it sees the most use. The second finger of the hand is the middle finger by itself the middle finger has only one major use attributed to it, a very vulgar hand signal. Moving down to the ring finger, as its name suggests it is used for wedding ring placement in western culture.

The pinky is the last of the four fingers and also the smallest. The thumb is not truly a finger as it can be rotated almost 90 compared to the fingers 45 and it is much shorter than the true fingers. The fingers can grip, grab, and hold things for our use; the fingers have a huge list of uses from specialist to everyday.

The bones of the human hand are comprised into 3 main sections. The bones of the wrist, palm, and fingers. The eight bones of the palm (metacarpus) consist of five bones and has a oblong shape. Phalanx bones form the fingers and are in turn divided into 3 sections with a knuckle between for articulation. These three sections allow us to grip and hold things with our hands. The...