Human Inflicted Environmental Troubles.

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The world as we know it faces a rash of potentially hazardous environmental problems as a direct result of significant problems human beings have caused during our brief tenure as inhabitants. Among these problems we currently face: the global warming epidemic resulting from the greenhouse effect occurring within the atmosphere, overextended natural resource use, increased pollution (especially from industrial production), a rise in uncontrolled population growth and in poverty levels and a decrease in the amount of clean water and shelter for people in developing countries. These problems are not allowing inhabitants of Earth to utilize our environment in the matter in which we should. Taking advantage of our environment and all it has to offer can ultimately prove to be dangerous for every human being on the planet.

Quite possibly the greatest environmental problem we are up against right now is the global warming theory. Global warming occurs when too many greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, increase in our atmosphere as a result of human activity and become trapped there creating a constant heating effect and eventually work over warm the Earth. There are well documented pieces of evidence that are used to support the global warming theory. Among them, carbon dioxide and methane gases increasing in the atmosphere, more frequent and extreme weather, disappearing glaciers, melting Arctic and Antarctic sea ices, Greenland's ice sheet slowly dissipating and tropical diseases are currently spreading. Global warming will come to have several effects on the Earth. The constant changes of weather are expected to alter the sea level, change precipitation amounts and local climate conditions. These changes can effect forests, crop yields and existing supplies of fresh water. They can also negatively impact human and wildlife health and ecosystems.

Replacing natural resources is also becoming a...