Human Life: Sanctified Or Disregarded?

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Human Life: Sanctified or Disregarded? I could not believe what I was hearing. The gruesome facts and statistics that were being presented by my pastor were almost to gut-wrenching to listen to. I sat in the pew on that Sunday morning that had been designated, "Sanctity of Human Life Sunday", in disbelief of most of what I heard. Yeah, I knew what abortion was but I didn't know all of the facts. I had been asked to sing that morning and had found a song most appropriate for the occasion. It was entitled Please and was written and performed by a band which I happen to be acquainted with. It was a perceived view of what they thought the unborn baby might be thinking if it knew what was happening. The words of the song flowed freely as did the tears of the congregation: "Please, I need to live Don't you there's so much I can give.

And please I need to love Mistakes are always planned up above.

Please don't let me die Oh hear my cry.

Just a chance to feel To know that love is real." As I sang the words of the first verse of this song by Frontline, I began to realize that this was a major issue in today's society.

Ever since the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade, in which abortions were made legal in the United States, the sanctity of human life has become a major issue. Worldwide, about 46 million women have abortions. This represents 22% of the 210 million pregnancies that occur yearly( "The Limitations of U.S. Statistics on Abortion."). The number of illegal abortions is on the rise due to the increasing parental notification and consent laws that have been passed. In 1995 the ratio of abortions...