The Human-like Qualities of Immortals

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Throughout Greek mythology, gods and goddesses hold high positions. Though some choose to use their powers to hurt mortals, some gods also choose to help. The tact that these gods not only shows that they too have feelings, but also relates them more to humans. The immortals Demeter, Aphrodite, Poseidon, and Zeus are just a few of the many who use their strength and influence to benefit a specific person or group of people. Sometimes, why the gods choose who to harm and to help is unknown, but the one thing that is for sure is that "... it is by no means to everyone that the gods grant a clear sight of themselves." (Homer, Odyssey 16.160).

There are plenty of times that I felt the world was against me. To contrast those ideas, however, I have sometimes felt that I had all the luck in the world.

Different points in my life could be considered a roller-coaster; with many ups and downs in a short period of time. In the Odyssey, I'm sure that Odysseus feels the same way towards Poseidon as I do when reflecting back on my past. "…without the gods, man is nothing." ("Formation of the Gods" 165). Poseidon not only says, but truly proves in the story. As the god of the sea, Poseidon maintains a reputation as a powerful threat to the mortals. After blinding Poseidon's Cyclops son, Odysseus found that he had more antagonists than just the mortal suitors. Poseidon proved to be a real harasser during the journey home, but ultimately it was Poseidon who helped Odysseus return to Ithaca.

I can truly sympathize with the helping goddess of Demeter and Persephone; Demeter. Sister of Zeus, Demeter is a tactful goddess who lives on earth. She, however, is deeply...