Human Nature and its views on religion.

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It is human nature to question all that pertains to life and our surroundings. We speculate and attempt to answer anything that extends beyond our grasp. This is most common in ancient Greek times where the belief of gods and goddess ruled the minds of all. In today's modern era, religion is looked upon more as guidance rather than a way of life. In the first paragraph, the type of religious faith that is present is one where faith is present but not without question. Personally, I hold this type of religious faith to be most common in todays' society. As an example, I will use my own belief. I believe in God and thus I have faith; however, I do have questions about God and his teachings. I pray yet I do not attend church nor do I pertain to a specific religion. I believe that because religion is nothing more than someone's interpretation of the bible or other sacred book of teachings, there is no right religion; God is every where so I can speak to him from anywhere I choose.

To elaborate on some questions that I have, I often ask myself, how are we, imperfect humans, supposed to be held responsible for following a righteous path when we are prone to error. Therefore, if we make mistakes along the

way, is it not Gods will to see it that way or are we regarded as sinful creatures no mater what our nature may be?

The second type of faith is something that is less common in modern day society. By carefully avoiding sin and evil, these practicers' of this faith feel that they are living a righteous and ethical life; they have unquestionable faith. I personally believe that this type of faith is an example...