Human Organazation

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The concept of organization in life gives all organisms a distinctive structure and several bodily functions. By definition, the word "organization" means "the way in which a thing's parts are arranged to work together". All living things have multiple systems that work together to keep the organism functioning properly and in-balance. Also, groups of living things have physical characteristics that enable them to complete their everyday tasks (for example, many animals have mouths to eat through).

Humans demonstrate organization in many ways. We all have skin, arms, legs, etc. Can you imagine meeting a person without a nose? Even though it is just one of the many things a persons has and everyone's nose is different, you still expect each person to have one. It is also the same with having two eyes, eyebrows, thumbs, toenails, teeth, and the list continues on and on.

Humans also have multiple systems that intertwine with each other to keep us 'working'.

The digestive system allows us to digest food as a source of energy, and the urinary system allows us to remove unneeded waste products from our bodies. Together, all of these systems use each other and our body parts to perform tasks needed to keep our body healthy. The required body parts create a structure that all humans follow.

People of different ages show organization in different ways. For example, because of their young age, babies often have thin, short hair and small, undeveloped bodies. Often times babies and toddlers have pudgy bodies because they have not yet begun to mature and don't do enough physical activity to develop toned and visible muscles. As babies get older and turn into children, many physical features change. They get taller and more toned and lose fat on their faces as well as arms and...