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Essay by Mehmood February 2008

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One of the values that Hillary Clinton portrays is that of being humanistic. When she addresses the issue of health care she tackles the issue with a lot of expression for concern of the health care systems that is available in the United States and she expresses her dissatisfaction as far as the health care is concerned. Her biggest concern is the fact that most of the citizens of United States. May not be able to acquire health insurance which she considers as a big setback to the health care systems of the country. Also her greatest fear is the fact that as the country and the world as a whole advances scientifically, it results to new challenges to the countries health care system. Her concern for the health care of the country is clearly evident in the statement where she says “Unless Americans across the political spectrum come together to change our health care system that system already bucking under the pressures of today will collapse with the problems of tomorrow”.

She says that the problems in the twenty first century such as genetic mapping, globalization and the presence of an aging population are combining with the old problems such as skyrocketing costs of medical care and also skyrocketing numbers of uninsured individuals to overwhelm the twentieth century she claims they have inherited.

(Ashford, 2005, p 315)Hillary Clinton’s concern on how to finance health care so as to avoid the fiscal disaster that might arise may deny health care to the uninsured or underinsured is evident. The major area of concern should also be emphasized on the ability of health care systems to give good medical care even to the insured. She says “If a hospital’s trauma centre is closed and so crowded that it cannot take any...