Is The Human Race As Smart As We Think We Are?

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Is the human race as smart as we thing we are?

About 40 years ago, the real rulers of the world feared the general population was getting smarter and would one day discover they were actually slaves and being controlled by a secret organization called TLOA (The League Of Apocalyptics). To head off this disaster, a plan was set in place to dull the minds of the world's population.

A cocktail of chemicals was seeded into storm clouds that were forming over the highest populated areas of the world and food producing regions. These chemicals were absorbed into the food chain and eventually consumed by people everywhere.

I know this seems farfetched and highly unlikely as I thought the same, but after years of investigation I could come to no other conclusion.

The following are some interesting facts you should think on:

· For the last 40 years, the O-zone layer is being destroyed at an alarming rate and continues to do so in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence of the deadly radiation bombarding the earth's surface.

· In the same time frame we are destroying rainforests knowing this will decrease the rainfall and oxygen rate levels worldwide.

· We are creating great amounts of pollution and rubbish, which is being dumped into the ocean, contaminating and killing that food supply.

The only question that puzzles me is did this only effect one generation or has this been past on to the up-coming generation?

Now think to yourself. Does this sound like the act of a smart race?