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Emphasis has been set on the organization's needs. For employees to be productive, the must feel that the job is right for their abilities and that they are being treated equitability. For many employees, the job is a major source of personal identity. Satisfied employees are not automatically more productive however, unsatisfied employees do tend to quit more often, to be absent more frequently and to produce lower quality of work than satisfied workers.

Basically, a sound quality of work life, program assumes that a job and the work environment should be structured to meet as many of the workers needs as possible.

Policies for this case study includes recruitment, selection, appraisal, promotion, employment contracts, job security and retrenchment or outplacement. Thus, Bakersfield University has to choose to frame such policies indicating high organizational concern for their employees e.g.: promotion on merit, appraisal linked to career management, job security, voluntary redundancy, and performance based remuneration.

In Bakersfield University, the appraisal schemes based upon direct financial rewards or bonuses have sent the wrong messages to employees, quantity rather than quality is the criteria.

INTRODUCTIONThe University of Bakersfield recognizes that the successful attainment of its mission and goals depends directly on the quality and commitment of its staff.

In support of this, the University has developed an individual performance related pay (IPRP) and the distribution of the pot of money which is at the discretion of Head of Departments.

Appraisal provides a formal and systematic opportunity to undertake an overall review of work content, loads and quality; to identify strengths to be developed and areas for improvement, on the part of the individual and of the University. Appraisal neither reduces the need for good management on a day-to-day basis, nor the importance of good communication between managers and their staff.