Human Relations

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I have learned a great deal in Human Relations. I have gained a factual understanding of how unfathomable we run as humans, that each of us has a different style of communication, and diverse cultural family background that influence and spice up the way we do our own daily tasks. Even the way we look at others and our body language convey the differences in our personalities and relating abilities. We are all motivated by different drives, and needs. Besides being driven by a variety of motivations, we are also each directed at different and unique personal and professional goals! It makes the reasons for our differences understandable. Yet, we all have desires and goals. That is what makes us all similar in various ways.

We all have particular styles of communication, and we all need acclaim or praise in order to see the good things about ourselves. In order to be successful in life and in our careers, we must not ignore our differences; instead we need to learn ways around barriers of communication.

Self-acceptance is also a major role in human relations. Helping others accept who they are, and especially to accept that they do have strengths, when they feel weak, is a great role for human resources and a manager in the business world. Mentors have come about in an effort to help employees with issues and concerns, and to coach them into feeling encouraged and satisfied in their jobs. Wise employers have strived to enrich the lives of their employees in an effort to help them achieve their goals, and in turn achieve the goals of the company. For instance, some companies now offer childcare on premises, which saves time and money for the worker, causing the stress to be lifted in one area of...