Human Relations: The Key to Personal Growth and Career Success. this one is written in outline form, can be formatted as a powerpoint presentation, a public speaking presentation or an essay.

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Human Relations

The Key to Personal Growth and Career Success

Human Relations

Introduction to Human Relations

The Nature, Purpose, and Importance of Human Relations

1)The nature of human relations, its development, and its importance to the achievement of individual and organizational goals.

Human Relations Defined

1) The Term Human Relations in it's broadest sense covers all types of interactions among people--their conflict, cooperative efforts, and group relationships

A) The Study of Human Relations emphasizes the analysis of human behavior, prevention strategies and resolution of behavioral problems.

Human Relations in the Age of Information

America has gone from one age to the next, Industrial to information. This leaves us with a profound impact on interpersonal relationships. Living in an age where the effective exchange of information is the foundation of most economic transactions means we all make major life adjustments

1) Increased reliance on information technology often comes at the price of less human contact.

2) A Human Contact deficiency weakens the spirit, mind and body.

3) Neglecting the cues and clues that lie outside the tight focus of information can limit our personal and professional effectiveness

A) Today's knowledgeable worker needs to take more account of people.

The Importance of Human Relations

Several important developments in the workplace have given new importance to human relationships. Each of the following developments provides support for Human Relations in the workplace.

ƒÞThe labor market has become a place of churning dislocation caused by the heavy volume of mergers, acquisitions, business closings and downsizing.

"XTemporary Personnel only add to the mix

ƒÞOrganizations are increasingly oriented toward service to clients, patients and customers.

ƒÞMost owners and managers are reluctant to embrace the idea that people are the heart of every form of quality improvement.

ƒÞWorkplace incivility is a treat to employee relationships.

ƒÞMany Companies are...