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Description Page

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 About the Company 3

3.0 Organization Chart 4

4.0 Company's Goal & Mission 4

5.0 Current Employees Paid Structure and Rewards system

6.0 Effects of Undercurrent Pay & Reward dissatisfaction ;5-6

-Influences on Employees performance

7.0 Performance & Appraisal 6

8.0 Rewards System 6-8

9.0 Remunerations & Benefits 8-10

10.0 Training Development 10

11.0 Conclusion 11

12.0 References 12

Appendix (Performance Appraisal)

1.0 Executive Summary

Human Resource Management plays a central role in creating organizations and helping them to grow and survive. Organizations, especially service industries such as hotels, airlines, legal firms, on the other hand, depend on people, and without people they would disappear. So do our company, Winton Wynne Moore & Associates

It is true to say that the successful of Winton Wynne & Associates is solely depending on its human resources competence and how strong are the relationships being forged between partners, senior associates, senior solicitors, junior solicitors, junior law graduates and a large number of legal support staffs.

The main challenges faced by our Human Resource Department presently is many of the solicitors muttered darkly to each other that the time and effort they had put into achieving this outstanding financial result had not been adequately recognized or rewarded, and also for the rest of the staffs solely depend on base pay, which is subject to annual review. As a new Director of Human Resources, together with the one of the recruitment's partner, Mr. Simon, planned to develop a constructive human resources strategy to employ a highly qualified workforce, helping them to perform their work & solving problems that arise and eventually synergies the collective forces of the employees and partners to achieve the company's ultimate goals and objectives.

I made a comprehensive study that analyzing...