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Re: Certification of employees

We have reviewed your files pertaining to the certification drive that is currently underway at your location. As requested, we have put together the following information to cover your questions. Below you will find information pertaining to the certification drive and the rules and regulations that you must abide by according to the Labour Relations Board, suggestions as to how you might implement a complaint mechanism, a set of suggested procedure to cover disputes and grievances, and suggested policies on absenteeism, inappropriate use of company equipment on company time and.

We have supplied the formal policies as an attachment for future usage.

First we will address the ______ of the certification drive that is currently underway at your location. It states under the Labour Relations code that "every employee is free to be a member of a trade union" The code also 'prohibits threats or intimidation which interfere with an employee's free choice about joining or not joining a trade union. Suspensions, dismissal or other discipline are often found to be violations of the code." ( The decision on whether the employees wish to be represented by a union is a decision of the employees, not by the employeer.

You must post the Notice of Cerification Application in a conspicuous location in your workplace for five consecutive business days, and you must co-operate by making available any necessary records to carry out the Labour relations board (LRB) investigation and to conduct the vote.(

You can discuss the application with your employees. You can also advise your own views on representation by a union, so long that you do not use intimidation or coercion. This also includes using intimidation or coercion that may effect compel your employees to not belong to the union.(

However, you...