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Human Resource research analysis on Shell Global & Tesco Report TASK 1&2


Human Resource Management is the department within an organization which manages the organizations workforce. Human Resources is responsible for recruitment, training and development selection, motivation, salaries; assessments, rewards and movement of staff through the organization as well as compliance with the various laws relating to employment. It is greatly recognized the success of any business is highly influenced by the type of caliber and attitude of the people who work for the business.

Task1a) What is the difference between the 'personnel management' and 'human resource management'? Discuss the historical development and changing context in which they operate.

There is a similarity between Human Resource Management and personnel management. Both refer to the same function in management based on managing employees at work. However the difference is that it's the traditional term personnel management is more concerned with people at work dealing with payroll employee relations, employment laws and grievances issues.

While in recent times we know the term Human Resources Management which deals with training and development focusing on best the way of utilizing the work force, recruitment, selection, transfer, promotions, appraisals all of which would contribute to the organization's success.

Personal management is not in charge of driving a business to success; their main focus is looking after the employee's pay roll, annual leave, absence and many more administrative tasks. With that being said HRM is a specialist department which has now merged with personal management. All human resource issues are dealt with in the same department large organisations such as shall global and centric will have HRM functions in place i.e. HR assistant, HR manager and HR advisor dealing with different HRM issues. Depending on the scale of the business if it's a small business...