human resource development in tobago

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Human Resource Development in Tobago

Human Resource Development in Tobago is in its infantry stage. An area of management expertise that's relatively new and in practical terms in the Tobago context, it's not yet fully explored by the employer class. In Tobago the traditional management styles and approach when dealing with personnel issues still obtains.

This is largely so because businesses in Tobago is by any prevailing measure regarded as small or medium sized enterprises which is characterized by a small work force and is highly labour my considered view, though HR principles can be applied in small scale enterprises or business, there is a widely held perception that it is more relevant to medium or large scale businesses. One gets the impression that the introduction and practice of HR principles in the running of a business enterprise is therefore viewed in a certain degree of skepticism by the traditionalists, who unfortunately predominate in the Tobago business circles.

It is therefore imperative that the underlining concepts and its relevance or suitability to contemporary business practices and management be sold to a largely unenthusiastic fraternity.


Most importantly it is a better and more efficient way to manage the human resource of a business enterprise.

It reduces the time and effort expended by an employer in dealing with personnel related issues such as wages/ salary negotiations, disciplinary issues and OSHA matters etc.

It promotes a more scientific or organized approach to the running of a business enterprise by separating the various management specialties e.g. financial, HR, operations, AMIN etc.

It encourages the development of the requisite skills and training of professionals in that sub- specialty area of management.


Not easy to incorporate HR practices in a small scale enterprise.

Occasionally there would be some discordance between persons who...