Human Resource Intercountry Differences when going International

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I. IntroductionHuman Resource management consists in the planning, organization, development and coordination, as well as control of techniques, that enable the company to promote the efficient performance of the personnel and at the same time allows indirectly and directly that the people who collaborate within the company will reach their personal objectives. Managing Human Capital means to conquer and to maintain people in the organization, who will work and give the maximum of themselves, with a positive and favorable attitude. HR represents all those things that cause that the personnel remains in the organization.

The following work will attempt to answer the question Can Inter-country differences affect HRM. What are some of the ways you expect "going international" will affect HR activities in your business, in order to answer this question this project will open with a review of the literature that has been written on the issues raised by the question above.

It should be noted that a vast amount of writing has been done on these issues but only a few of them dimmed to provide the most benefit to the purposes and intent of this assignment have been sited.

The reason why going international affects not only HRM but the whole company in general is because organisations are not only based on elements like technology, machines or information; but "the key of a right company is its management and the people who participate in it", for this reason if we take in count that each person is a phenomenon subject that is affected for the influence of many variables then we can understand why going international will affect the main resource of the company which is the people and therefore the organization will have to adapt all the different areas of the company in order to meet...