Human Resource Management

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Background In it?s simplest form Human resource management (HRM) can be defined as management whose purpose is to recruit, develop and utilise the organisation?s personnel in the way that is most suited to achieve the aims and objectives of an organisation. However there is still yet to be written a definition on which all the experts agree. This has led to ambiguity, which enables people to interpret it in a manner that suits them. The reasons why it is hard to define was looked at by John Storey (1989; 1992). He concluded that different people use the term in different ways some see it as the latest buzz word in management and others use it to imply a specific set of management practices steeped in the philosophy of the company. Storey proposed that HRM should be broken down into soft HRM and hard HRM. Hard HRM, he saw as quantitative and calculating, incorporating policies that contribute to organisational strategies which could include low pay, task fragmentation and job insecurity whereas soft HRM was more involved with human relations, motivating staff, communication and leadership.

Introduction In this assignment we will be looking at the importance of different aspects of human resource management such as recruitment, selection, training and development of staff and looking at different methods of performance, evaluation and employee motivation. Each process will be related to different human resource models namely Michigan, New York, Harvard and Warwick. I shall also be relating them to different management theories and looking at the relevance that HRM may bring to the running of a golf club.

Recruitment Recruiting the right person for the job is crucial to the success of an organisation, so when looking to recruit for a position is vital to look at the job context and any necessary changes...