Human Resource Management.

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Human Resource management

Keystages involved with human resources ;

* Stock taking

* Forecasting the suply of labour

* Forecasting the demand of employees

* Implementation and review

Stock taking;

This particular part of the process is dealing with; "What is the quantity and quality of staff, available in this organisation"?

This point, is one of the very important tasks, of the Human Resource planning, because they are looking to the strong and weaknesses of the staff of the organisation.

For example by;

* Jobs analysis

* Skills audit

* Performance review.

Jobs analysis;

A job analysis means, that all information about a certain job gathered by eachother.

Organisation doing this mostly by all of the job within a organisation.

The HRM departement of the organisation, makes a job-description and a person specification.

Skills audit;

This is where they observate all the qualifications, experience and skills of the staff from the organisaiton.

This can help really well, by searching a potential candidate by a internal vacancy.

Performance review;

By a perfomance review they're looking to two mani points;

* Identify staff potential

* Identify where the staff needs more training.

Forecasting suply;

This is also a very important part of the HR planning.

It's mainly dealing with the labour turnover.

It's very important to look at the labour turnover, because, the labour of you're staff, is the income of the company.

There are several way to calculate the emplyee turnover;

Annual labour turnover index;

= Leavers in a year

Average number of staff employed during the year

This way of calculating is also called; the percentage wastage rate"

The output of this calculation is telling you the percentage of the workforce, which has left the company.

There are two con's about calculating this way;

* It isn't saying anything...