Human Resource Management

Essay by AMBEREEN July 2004

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RFP Toys Ltd has a computerised Payroll system. However all other staffing records have been maintained on a manual system - under which the General Office Manager has kept a simple card index, holding basic employee details, whilst line managers in each Operating Division of the Company held job related information e.g. Job Description, Appraisal Reports etc.

The current Information Management System that RFP Toys Ltd has in operation can be seen by many other leading organisations as ineffective and in some areas out of date i.e. simple card indexes, especially as the company has now expanded their operations. Due to the current system, the company is faced with a number of problems such as:

Staff due salary increases under incremental pay scales; have not received raises on the due date.

There have been cases in which Staff Appraisal forms dealt with by line managers, have gone missing, or have not been returned to the Established HRM Department.

Formal Disciplinary Action taken by line managers has not always been accurately recorded on the records of individuals concerned.

The company has no readily available statistics on matters such as absence Rates, training activity, Equal Opportunities monitoring etc.

An effective Human Resource Information system requires a system that can: -

Help managers define their information needs

Collect relevant data

Collate data

Assist data analysis

Facilitate data distribution

Facilitate the updating of data

System design objectives: -

Accuracy e.g. paying people at the right rate



Cost effective


Legal compliance

On advising RFP Toys on a suitable and effective Information Management System in regards to the above information system requirements and system design objectives I recommend that a CHRIS system be implemented by the company.

There are a number of reasons why I feel that a CHRIS system would improve the...