Human Resource Management and Pirelli General

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Adopting an appropriate PM or HRM model is probably one of the most important thing that management has to do for proper running of the business. In this discussion we will talk about and try to evaluate the personnel strategy adopted by the by that Pirelli General for their new computer- integrated manufacturing unit in south Wales. While writing this assignment different and multiple models of HRM have been used for explaining the policies undertaken by the company which may not fit exactly to their new personnel policies undertaken, while developing their new plant in south Wales but the models used for analysis and evaluation are those of the closest match found, even multiple models have been used for analysis of some of their new policies undertaken by Pirelli General.


Pirelli general was involved in manufacturing building wires in a more traditional manner.

In its factories in Aberdeen, in south Wales, and in its Southampton factory. In September 1985 the company decided to close its factory in south Wales, and to build a new fully automated plant on the same site to manufacture, building wires, a relatively basic range of low tech electrical cables used primarily for house wiring and domestic appliances. while maintaining their traditional way of production in its Southampton factory. The company decided to invest around £20million in setting up their new computer integrated manufacturing system in their new plant in south Wales. To help improve the method of production together with flexible manufacturing system and just-in time production methods because they realize that these improvement were necessary to stay in competition with other companies.


In order to achieve their goal of smooth and profitable performance in their new unit, Pirelli General involved the personnel...