Human Resource Management for Automobile Maintenance Organisation (AMO) UK

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Executive SummaryAutomobile Maintenance Organisation (AMO) is a car maintenance organization with head office in Poole, UK. Although it has been in business for only 2 years, it has expanded to a total of sixty centres. As the business is growing rapidly and there is a shortage in the workforce, there are some problems going on among the employees. The main problem has been that it is difficult to recruit and keep qualified and committed employees. This report will discuss about human resource management as well as cover some of the problems and the solutions to the situation. Following are the main points:•Human resource planning and its benefits•Recruitment and selection•Employee work-life balance•Employee motivation•Industry standards of pay•Performance appraisals•Management and trade unions•Strategic overviewSection 1 - Human Resource PlanningThere is no doubt that human resource (HR) management plays an important role in an organization, and human resource planning is one of its functions.

This section will discuss about the benefits that HR planning will bring to both employees and AMO itself.

I.Strategic planningStrategic planning is about collecting relevant information to stimulate the visioning process and also programming the vision into what needs to be done to get there. (Torrington, D., Hall, L., Taylor, S., 2005, p.49).

•Planning as strategic programming: clarifying strategies to make them operational, working out the consequences and identifying what must be done to achieve each strategy.

•Planning as tools to communicate and control: can ensure coordination and encourage everyone to pull in the same direction.

•Planners as analysts: analyzing hard data, external and internal to use in the strategy development process.

•Planners as analysts: raising difficult questions and challenging the conventional wisdom to stimulate managers into thinking in more creative ways.

II.Benefits of HR planninga. For the employees•HR planning can help increase in skills, abilities and potentials...