Human Resource Management:A Breed selection for the Management of Duncan's Tea Estates

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The report topic ' A Breed Selection for the Management of Duncan's Tea Estates ' is a significant one as it facilitates the understanding of the recruitment and selection process of a special breed of employees for the tea estates of Duncan Brothers, one of the leading tea producing companies of Bangladesh. The name of the report is justified as Duncan Brothers ultimately aims at making a special breed of manager who grow up to be the elites of the planter society. This is why very special emphasis is given to the recruitment and selection process at the entry level managerial positions.

1.1 Origin

This report has been authorized to the students as an integral component of the Human Resource Management (J- 502) course requirement. The course Instructor Ms. Mahjabeen Ahmad has authorized this report on the first week of November 2002, with the date of submission being December 31, 2002.

1.2 Objective

The objectives of the report are:

To portray a general profile of Duncan Brothers, specially the tea estates.

To describe how Duncan Brothers recruits and selects qualified people to fill up its managerial position in the tea estates.

1.3 Scope

The scope of the report is limited to the selection process of Assistant Manager and Tila Clerks of Duncan's Tea Estates. The report does not include any discussion on the selection process of any managerial position other than the entry level ones as no external recruitment takes place for the higher level managers.

1.4 Limitations

The major constraints faced while writing the report were the complexities of selection process of Duncan Brothers, due to the huge diversification of their business and the lack of first hand information from the tea estate staffs. Making the report a focused one was a challenge as identifying the key positions...