Human Resource Management Class: Job Description. This essay is a summary job description.

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Responsibilities include:

Filing daily sales orders and purchase orders

Answer phone

Run monthly sales reports on company's intranet and export information to Microsoft Excel. Reports include: Total Sales, Warehouse Sales, Direct Sales, Preferred Dealer Sales, and Salesman Performance Report.

Record and keep sales meeting minutes

Keep track of customer target list for each outside salesman and email updated information to corporate. For example: each customer and what programs of ours they are using and how we are converting them from competitor programs to ours.

Keep a running spreadsheet of outside salesman's mileage for each week.

Help prepare sales presentations (Microsoft Power Point)

Prepare promotional information

Prepare information for customer events i.e., invitations, letters, itinerary, loding, RSVP's etc.

Assist Logistics Manager with afternoon duties

All other misc. chores as assigned by supervisor.

My job is fairly simple. Probably the tasks I spend the most time on weekly are filing, answering the phone and assisting the logistics manager with his afternoon duties.

The most important tasks that I perform are the sales reports that I generate each month. Those reports allow my supervisors to see where we stand in the sales department during the current year - year to date against last year-year to date and where we need to improve to reach this year's sales numbers. For the most part, there are no duties that get assigned to me that I haven't ever done before but if perhaps I do get assigned a new task, I am always properly trained. I don't think I would change my job description. I feel that each duty that I perform has great value in running our business. I believe that this is great experience for me as a Marketing and Management major and a great part-time...