Human Resource Management of the Giant Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies Plc. Ltd.

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Table of Contents"A word of the authors" 3Shell - Our choice of research 4The 100 years of Royal Duth Shell plc - The shell logo 5Burmah Shell Indo Pak and Shell Pakistan Ltd. 7Purpose of Existence - Mission Statement 7The management - How to run a complex oil giant 8The motivational practices - Shell people 8The organizational culture - Belief, value, ideas and norms 9The complex structure10The Top management11The Pre 1996 Matrix Structure 12The management Structure - Post 1995 and the degree of formalization13The HR Structure, What Shell looks for in candidates 16The Recruitment Policy 17Training and Development18Financial Rewards and Appraisals20Diversity on the forcourt23Health and safety concerns242007 Update27Leadership styles, and Control Mechanisms28JOB ADD, FINANCIAL CONSULTANT29Cross Functional Conflicts30Recommendations and Suggestions30References, Authentic sources of information33"A word of the authors…"The authors of this compilation would like to thank the academic community members for their support, patience, humble guidance and good sense of humor.

Their professional guidance has been greatly appreciated. Tania Khan, head of COCO (Company Operated Sites) Shell Pakistan was particularly helpful in providing us in getting useful information that brought about the completion of this report. Also mentionable would be Mr. Mohsin Siddique (HR accountant) who was instrumental in the contribution to this article. Finally we would like to thank our major instructors Mrs. Asmara Mashood, who unfortunately had to leave LSE due to unforeseen circumstances, and Miss Ayesha Jamal who helped us in completing this course. With their guidance we were not only able to learn the different theories associated with Human Resource Management, rather we were also able to gain valuable practical experience through our analyses of numerous case studies and reports.

We found our coursework to be thought-provoking and insightful providing us with tools to explore the management strategies of professional world. This research compilation is surely the...