Human resource management-overtime or part time

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Peak part-time workers were used to cover high in demand during the working days and weekend in a range of economic sectors. This is the common ways to achieve the peak demands.

In order to satisfy the customers' demands, it seems have to increase the staff. The part time employment is the economic ways of reducing the labour cost. Those part time workers who covered the peaks in demand and are trained to cover a range of functions including nearly all the work process. The fact that the part time workers untertake the same duties as the full-time staff and are subject to the same performance measure. Salary is quite low.

The company requires the extra effort per hour when the productivity increased. The part-time workers are suitable for the flexible hours following the cost-effective strategy. If it is necessary, those workers also can be required to be the over-time work.

The company can set the different working shift to make the product line to work 24 hours a day.

Although these workers set up the majority workforce, it was apparent that part-time employees were restricted by flexibility without any opportunity for career development or to work longer hours. Due to reducing to expenditure, one way to achieved is to decrease the amount staff training. The part time workers only have low skill with limited training. In this case, it is difficult to flexible using the worker to cover a range of tasks. It means they can only deal with a limited amount of requirement. It is especially true in the service industry.

Overtime is to effectively manage higher workloads without increasing staffing levels. It can easily increase and decrease to match the labour resource to workload demands. It also provides the employees with a source of supplemental income without...