Human Resource Management: Staff Selection and Appraisal.

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The process of staff recruitment and selection is becoming increasingly complex and its integration into organisational and Human Resource (HR) strategies means that the successful outcome of these processes is vital for job performance and organisational success. The intricacy of matching the right applicant to the right job is a perpetual activity for management and HR practitioners considering the organisation's economic, social and political contexts. This paper aims to identify the effect the environmental context has towards organisational strategies and the HR system and the subsequent impact on recruitment procedures and selection. Further, an analysis of the importance of staff recruitment and selection within the organisation's changing environment and tools used to facilitate the effectiveness of these functions. This will enable an assessment of any changes or strategies needed to avoid failures associated with poor selection and methods to improve recruitment and selection procedures.

Organisations are increasingly becoming focused on being competitive on a national and global level.

The importance of the recruitment and selection process is vital for organisational competitiveness and a failure to approach this function effectively will have consequences for future job performance. Numerous authors have emphasised the importance of integrating the recruitment and selection processes into organisational strategies and HR systems as well as the necessity to respond to changes in the organisation's environment (e.g. Stone, 2002, p.174, Nankervis, Compton & McCarthy, 1999, p.190, Compton, Morrissey & Nankervis, 2002, pp.16-17). The organisation is constantly changing to respond to changes in its environment, for instance, the structure of the organisation may change and jobs redesigned to improve efficiency or reduce costs. However, one of the fundamental mistakes made by management is the failure to allocate "the right people to the right jobs" (Stone, 2002, p.124) once these changes occur. Such "economically" inspired" tactics have been...