The Human Resource Planning Process within an Organisation

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Human Resource Plan

Achieving the Vision

Management have outlined five foundation goals that require organisational supports to achieve the vision:

Alignment We need to ensure the goals and behaviours of individual employees are aligned with department and business goals.

Commitment We need to introduce processes that build employee commitment to business goals and values.

Competence We need to make sure the organisation has the knowledge, skills and abilities to accomplish current and future business plan goals.

Versatility We need to ensure that employees can adapt to meet changing needs.

Well-Being We need to ensure the Company is an attractive employer for current and potential employees.


To build a strong workforce.

The Challenges

Skill Shortages: Significant demographic issues within a tight labour market impact the attraction and retention of skill within company.

Globalisation and Technological Change: The pace of change impacts current and future workforce capacity and leadership needs at all levels within the company.

Fiscal environment: The reality of the fiscal environment directly impacts the management of available resources, implementation options and approaches.

Priorities 1-4: Human Resource Development Strategy

Priority 1: Attracting and Retaining Talent

Objective: Develop attraction and retention strategies to effectively position the organisation to respond to human resource needs.


1. Promote the business as an organisation that provides diverse and challenging work, with opportunity for ongoing growth and development.

2. Identify and address critical workforce requirements.

Priority 2: Building Leadership Capacity

Objective: Enhance leadership capacity at all levels of the organisation through an integrated and co-ordinated approach that fosters a culture of leadership, continuous learning, and service excellence.


Strengthen leadership development and continuity/succession planning at all levels in the organisation

1. Continue to implement Corporate Executive Development.

2. Enhance a culture of continuous learning through competency development.

3. Enhance employee awareness, understanding and capacity...